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Funding opportunities platform Crowdhelix revisited

Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Building research consortia and securing funding is a time-consuming process, often discussed at our 4TU.RE meetings. One platform at the forefront of this endeavour is Crowdhelix. Perhaps this platform sounds familiar? Catalin Popa, grant officer at the University of Twente introduced the 4TU.Resilience Engineering community to this platform during the meeting in Amersfoort, March 2022. This article revisits Crowdhelix, providing context for using this platform and outlining how to use the platform for your benefit.

Catalin: “The Horizon Europe programme periodically releases new Work Programmes. It's essential for researchers to stay updated on these releases, with calls for 2025 and 2026 now on the horizon. Crowdhelix serves as a valuable tool in this regard, offering a platform for making connections.”

There are two ways to profit from this platform, one is by networking on the platform and the other is by attending events.

1.      Networking: finding complementary skills and expertise

Crowdhelix is a hub for collaboration and networking. With 118 Research and Technology organizations, 389 small and medium enterprises, and various other entities registered, the platform provides a diverse pool of potential collaborators. Crowdhelix doesn't just stop at funding connections; it can also facilitate connections with entities like financial consultancy companies, and assist in disseminating research results. Catalin: “For example, Crowdhelix can help connecting to KPMG, who then can join as a partner in a consortium, taking charge of making a business plan. This is very helpful in improving  the chances for getting a proposal of this scale rewarded.”

2.      Events: connect and pitch research ideas

Crowdhelix organizes events online and in person. An example of an in-person event is the “Material Helix Event”, taking place Wednesday November 22 in Dublin. At events like this, participants can connect and pitch their research ideas. “These events serve also as an inspiration for Research Support Meetings locally, such as a recent event on Citizen Science at the DesignLab of the University of Twente”, says Catalin. 

Easy to navigate Crowdhelix

Using Crowdhelix is a streamlined process. Researchers create profiles with raw ORCID data, minimizing the time required to establish a presence on the platform. The focus is on ease of use, ensuring that researchers can quickly connect with profiles matching their expertise.

Catalin Popa adds: “Crowdhelix is experiencing substantial growth, with plans to expand globally from early next year. While currently focused on EU funding, the platform will soon include opportunities from the US, China and Japan, amongst others. The platform's AI algorithm plays a pivotal role in facilitating connections, making the matching process more efficient and user-friendly.”

Contact the Grants Office / Research Support at your university

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