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Resilience Experts Wanted – Survey

Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Resilience Experts Wanted ā€“ Contribute to Science!

Resilience is a multifaceted concept present in various disciplines, including engineering, finance, policymaking, and psychology. Researchers from the Future Resilient Systems II of the Singapore-ETH Center ā€“ Dr. Sandra Andraszewicz and Dr. Adam Roberts would like to obtain your opinion about the meaning of resilience, based on your expertise and experience.

Do you work on resilience-related topics in research, business, policymaking, or another relevant field? Participate in the study by Adam and Sandra, support science and become a co-author on a paper resulting from this study. You can use your phone, tablet or computer, but we recommend completing the study on a computer.

This study was run at the International Conference on Resilient Systems (ICRS) 2023 in Mexico City and is now open to more resilience experts who could not attend the conference. If you attended the ICRS 2023, please, do NOT participate in the study.

For more information, visit:Ā

The survey takes aboutĀ 20 minutes. By filling in the survey you canĀ contribute to creating a more accurate definition of ā€œresilienceā€ andĀ become a publication co-author.Ā TheĀ responses to the survey will not be linked to your contact data in any way. The survey data will be published in an aggregate format only!