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Resilience Engineering

Inge Vianen

I work for CARE International, a humanitarian and development agency active in 100 countries in the world with the objective to alleviate poverty and advance sustainable development. Here I lead CARE Internationalā€™s work on Climate Change and Resilience and bring experience working on climate change and resilience from both the INGO and governmental perspective. Furthermore, I worked for the ILO in Zimbabwe and Indonesia and was closely involved in the climate negotiations at COP13-15 as a policy advisor on behalf of the ACT Alliance.

With a background in development studies; I spent my early career working for CARE in Angola on gender equality and food and nutrition security. At the moment, I am leading and coordinating an international team gathered in the CARE Climate Change and Resilience Platform that works towards the integration of climate change and resilience across CAREā€™s development and humanitarian work. A resilient future must also be a just future and that is why I look forward to collaborate with the 4TU Resilience Centre to develop low cost and easy accessible technological solutions to increase poor communitiesā€™ resilience.