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My name is Hans Hilbrands and as of November 1, 2022, I joined the Pioneering team. With a background in the metal- and steel industry I have a strong affinity with the construction industry.

Together with the team and the Pioneers network, I intend to contribute substantively to theĀ acceleration ofĀ innovation within the urban domain (ā€œGebouwde Omgevingā€).

It is crucial for the task of urban planning that innovative initiatives and regional developments are tackled together.

The chain can and must learn from each other to keep up with current developments.

I am convinced that we can only find solutions to major societal challenges if we work together from different disciplines.

In addition to my position at Pioneering, I am active as a Project Manager for the Digitaal Stelsel Gebouwde Omgeving (DSGO).

As a result, I am constantly (digitally) connecting and renewing the Design, Construction and Technology chain.