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Elisabeth van Opstall

Since November 2022 I am the managing director of Next Generation Infrastructures (NGInfra). Develop, share, and implement relevant knowledge is unequivocally the basis for a resilient future. Trends such as the energy transition, digitalization, shortage of land space and raw materials, shared prosperity should be addressed appropriately. The partners of Next Generation Infrastructures (NGinfra) embrace these challenges through organised network activities and scientific research. 

Through joined effort, a cross sectoral approach and together with researchers, NGInfra creates networks and knowledge on infrastructural (system) developments of roads & waterways (Rijkswaterstaat), railways (ProRail), energy supply (Alliander), drinking water supply (Vitens) and mainports (Port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport). NGinfra offers to be the gateway to the practitioners needed to become resilient.

The connection with the network of 4TU creates a wider understanding and cooperation between science and practice and that is where it really coincides. Cooperation with the relevant research partners such as 4TU Resilience Engineering centre is important for the effectiveness and quality of NGinfra.