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Jos Röling

As an associate partner of the Global Center of Competency for Energy, Environment, and Utilities at IBM Global Business Services I am Chief Technology Officer for blockchain-based solutions, holing a Distinguished Architect Certification from The Open Group. For the last decades, the Energy Transition has been in full swing, addressing energy grid challenges. I am designing new multi-party intelligent workflows in the energy ecosystems to contribute to the resilience of our energy grids. My projects play an active role in the acceleration of the energy transition to reach the ambition and goals of Europe‚Äôs ‚ÄúGreen Deal‚ÄĚ.


IBM is a global company providing solutions for hybrid-multi cloud environments and Artificial Intelligent solutions and frameworks. IBM is destined to help organizations to become a Virtual Enterprise by leveraging exponential technologies, apply data curation to support AI, run intelligent workflows, develop agility across organizational boundaries and personalized learning for every employee making the Cognitive Enterprise a reality.

Our industry-focused solutions are augmented with cross-sector themes like responsible computing, sustainability and Open Platforms. For resilience aspects, IBM implements resilience concepts by providing a single control pane that can automatically shift workloads between hybrid multi-cloud environments using RedHat OpenShift technologies.