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18 Sep 2020
Survey student learning outcomes during corona
As in other universities, the corona crisis at TU Eindhoven led to an abrupt and very fundamental change in the form of teaching and student learning. All interaction has shifted to online.
10 Sep 2020
Tina Comes new scientific director RE
Dr. Tina Comes - Associate Professor on Resilience Decisions at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the TU Delft - is the new Scientific Director of the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU RE). She takes over from Professor David Smeulders (Eindhoven University of Technology).
27 Aug 2020
Haagsma to leave 4TU in November
IJsbrand Haagsma will leave the 4TU.Federation to continue his career on 1 November 2020 as Special Envoy for Public Affairs at the University of Twente. Haagsma took office as secretary of the 3TU.Federation on 1 July 2012. During his secretarial position, the partnership of the technical universities was expanded to include Wageningen University.
12 Aug 2020
Listening to plants - Plantenna
One of the innovative projects within the Plantenna program is the project in which researchers listen to the signals from plants with a special microphone.
23 Jun 2020
Interview Maarten Hornikx, new director 4TU.Bouw
Maarten Hornikx (TU/e) has been the Scientific Director at the 4TU.Bouw Center of Excellence for the Built Environment since February 2020. He has taken over the role from André Dorée (UT) who will continue his involvement in the centre as one of the four TU ambassadors.
22 Jun 2020
Interview new director 4TU.AMI Johann Hurink
Interview with Johann Hurink, new Scientific Director at the 4TU Applied Mathematics Institute
15 Jun 2020
DEAN: the 4TU alumni network goes virtual
The alumni offices of the Dutch technical universities  (TU Delft, UTwente and Wageningen University) have been working closely together since 2014. Together we have more than 280,000 alumni out of whom 60,000 live outside of the Netherlands.
15 Jun 2020
New ICT fund for diversity, equity and inclusion
From June 2020, the 4TU.NIRICT research centre is launching a new ‘’Diversity-Equity-Inclusion’’ (DEI) fund to support projects that boost diversity, equity and inclusion within the 4TU ICT community. Eligible projects could include provisions to make ICT conferences more inclusive, by offering translators, for example. Other ideas might involve developing training programmes to enable ICT lecturers to cater more effectively to a diverse range of students or initiatives to raise the visibility of underrepresented groups.
12 Jun 2020
Second edition of the 4TU Career Special
Applying for a job in times of corona is a daunting task for any recent, or soon-to-be graduate. This second edition of the 4TU Career Special is full of tips on how it is best approached. It is an unusual edition, as the magazine was both produced and published during this period of crisis. However, above all, as the editorial boards of the four technical universities, we understand that especially now, as a job seeker, you could use a bit of help.
10 Jun 2020
New working group on ethical challenges COVID-19 Crisis
Delft Design for Values and the 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology (4TU.Ethics) are organising a 4TU-wide response to the ethical challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in a new working group which deals with the impact of the crisis on the design of new emerging technologies.
4 Jun 2020
Sector Plan for Science and Technology Education
Joint plan to close the gap between intake capacity and labour market demand
4 Jun 2020
Universities of technology join forces in Techrede address
‘Technological innovations will play a major role in a resilient post-corona era’
18 May 2020
Smart coating causes goose bumps
4TU researchers are working hard on a coating that can change shape. This technology makes all kinds of things possible, from Mars rovers and solar panels that can autonomously shake off sand, to Braille on your mobile phone, surgical instruments that provide feedback to the doctor, or VR gloves that help you to throw a ball really well.
15 May 2020
SAI trainees present solutions for industry and healthcare
4TU.Stan Ackermans Institute’s PDEng trainees present solutions for industry and healthcare
15 May 2020
Transition to online during Covid-19
The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced an abrupt transition to online education. Researcher Tim Stevens is studying the transition to online education at Wageningen University. What can we learn from the transition to online education?