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First Thematic Seminar

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Last week February 22, 2022 the first Thematic Seminar was held, organized by one of our 4TU RE DeSIRE Thematic Working Groups, the Urban group. Here, Aynaz Lotfata and Maryam Naghibi gave a talk about Climate-adaptive streetscapes in Unplanned Urban Areas in Desert Climates and Transforming Leftover Spaces into Resilient Urban Landscapes respectively. 

If you want to (re)watch the seminar, a recording can be downloaded below. Besides this, a short overview of both talks can be found below. 

Climate-adaptive streetscapes in Unplanned Urban Areas in Desert Climates by Aynaz Lotfata

Climate-adaptive planning and design is a growing field of knowledge on how to endow urban areas with a better capacity to cope with the impacts of climate change. However, there is a need for more studies on climate-adaptive interventions in unplanned urban regions and desert climates. Like in no other type of urban settlement, unplanned urban areas are relatively vulnerable to climate-change-related shocks and stresses, and so are their inhabitants. Particularly regarding heat stress, the challenges these areas and populations face are most evident in climatic regions intrinsically harsh, like in desert climates. This study addresses how to address climate-adaptive spatial design in high-density unplanned urban areas in desert climates.

Transforming Leftover Spaces into Resilient Urban Landscapes by Maryam Naghibi

As a young fellow in 4TU.RE’s DeSIRE programme, in collaboration with Dr. Forgaci, I am focusing on the transformation of Leftover Spaces into Resilient Urban Landscapes and the development of resilience-oriented design principles. Our investigation of leftover spaces in the particular context of Iran and the Netherlands are meant to support 4TU.RE’s vision to bridge science and practice through innovative, resilience-targeted, and STE-systems-specific methods and tools of analysis and design. My presentation will be divided into the following sections.

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