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Looking back at the HTSF Crossover event 9 June 2023

Thursday, 8 June 2023

In the High Tech for a Sustainable Future (HTSF) capacity building programmes of our four technical universities, talented researchers work on society-relevant themes such as sustainable agriculture, personalised medicine and a heatless, green city.

Friday, June 9, we celebrated the societal impact of the round 1 programmes and launched the second round of programmes. During this day, a spotlight was put on the relevance of science and technology for societal transitions and how this impact can be further enlarged through the cross-disciplinary collaboration of the universities.

4TU.DeSIRE taking the stage

A number of DeSIRE Tenure-trackers and fellows took the stage during the day. On behalf of the working groups, Roland (Water); George (Agri); and Juan (Water); with Joao as back-up (Urban); presented accomplishments and impact. Also, a group of enthusiast Research Fellows presented their work as part of the DeSIRE network, such as Maryam Naghibi (Urban); Maria Pregnolato (Water); Sandra Cobos (Disasters); and Eleonora Panizza (also Disasters). Last but not least, Zac Taylor and Wieke Pot ran an interactive session about multidisciplinary.

Thank you all for your efforts and the quality of presenting your work and contributions to the 4TU.DeSIRE programme!

A farewell to 4TU.DeSIRE

This 4TU.HTSF Crossover event was the culmination of the DeSIRE program and its official formal closure. This also means that this was a festive closure of Tatiana’s role as Program Leader. Tatiana reflects:

“It was my great pleasure to work with this massive team and meet all the fantastic people who have joined in different roles during the DeSIRE program’s lifetime! Tackling resilience is a great challenge, let alone coordinate the research on this across urban, agriculture, water, energy and network systems and the various research methods this team of 17 TTs, 20 PDs and 50+RFs are using.

It gives me a great feeling to see how our early career researchers grew over the past 5 years. Some of you I have met just out of your PhD and you have now established your own research groups, won awards, made a great impact on science or practice or both.

I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, this would not be possible without you all. I would also like to thank Stephanie and the support office for helping on this path and the 4TU.RE Steering Group who helped each in their domains of expertise."

“Of course, the closure of the 4TU.HTSF DeSIRE is just a launch of the individual careers and the community at large. The research lines will continue to thrive and contribute to the development of the 4TU.RE Centre. As such, the DeSIRE Program has succeeded in its goal - establishing an active interdisciplinary community that works on the resilience of coupled social-technical-environmental systems.”
Tatiana Filatova
Former Programme Leader DeSIRE

4TU.DeSIRE Accomplishments

Read more: an overview of DeSIRE accomplishments on the 4TU.RE website; the 4TU.Resilience Engineering flyer and the 4TU.DeSIRE flyer with an overview of the working groups.  


The following pictures show the amicable atmosphere during the day.