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Wednesday, 16 November 2022

4TU.DeSIRE and 4TU.Centre for Resilience Engineering flyers

At the DeSIRE Conference 2022 in November, the 4TU.Centre for Resilience Engineering and the 4TU.DeSIRE Research Programme published two flyers recounting what the Resilience Engineering community stands for. 

Tina Comes, scientific director: “The best result we have accomplished is our collaborative spirit that brings the researchers across different disciplines together. We know how to build common ground, both within our community as outside with our national and international external partners.”

Tatiana Filatova, programme leader of the DeSIRE research programme, adds to that: “We are rooted and embedded in the Netherlands, but have a truly international outlook. Our community consists of international scientists with an appointment at one of the four technical universities in the Netherlands. We have the ambition to be of global relevance, which is why we have a growing community of fellows and ambassadors world-wide.”