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Open Educational Resources platform receives funding

Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Further development of Open Educational Resources on Resilience Engineering receives funding

The “Cooking up Open Education Resources for the Resilience Engineering Community” project receives a TU Delft Open Education Stimulation Fund 2022. Camilo Benitez and colleagues have successfully applied for this fund to continue developing the Open Educational Resources of the 4TU.Resilience Engineering community.

This project aims to address the usability of the Open Educational Resources platform for both the user and the supplier of educational materials. One of the barriers educators face is the unexpected additional time and effort to find the right resources and adapt the material to their needs, all the while there is an immense potential for open educational materials to contribute to curricula and assisting educators with proven materials.

In the coming months the project will be executed and more information will follow.


Contact 4TU.RE Academy coordinator Camilo Benitez for more information.