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DeSIRE Summer Meeting 2022

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

RE Methodologies – DeSIRE Summer Meeting 20 June, 2022

The Resilience Engineering Methodologies – DeSIRE Summer meeting took place on June 20th at “Oudaen” in Utrecht. Tatiana Filatova welcomed us and we were happy to welcome several DeSIRE Fellows and Guests in our midst, including Maria Pregnolato, Elena Bakhanova, Ezgi Orhan, Sitong Luo, Rui Texeira, Firouzeh Taghikhah, Beatriz Martinez Pastor, Zahra Sadrian and others.


Judith Verstegen held a presentation about three criteria scenario’s must meet for optimal results in agent-based modelling (ABM). Ilse Voskamp presented her work on “The city of 2120”, the development of a long-term vision for urban planning. The city of Arnhem served as an example and showed us how to look at the landscape to see what it has to offer for future urban resilience.


Rob Axtell presented ABM-Methodologies based on a forthcoming paper in the Journal of Economic Literature. His eloquent presentation touched on agent-based modelling development, its applications in economics and finance and the exploration of new, future territories. Rob argued that we need simpler software to use ABM-methodologies and we need to improve programming skills in social sciences. “Microscopic data is going to change everything!”, according to Rob Axtell.

ABM-Methodologies put to 4TU.RE practice

During the plenary session three DeSIRE researchers pitched their work with ABM-methodologies: