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19 Jun 2024
Transdisciplinary approaches for co-producing Resilience Assessment
On Wednesday 13 June we welcomed 23 enthusiastic researchers to our workshop on transdisciplinary approaches to co-producing resilience assessments.
17 Jun 2024
Newsletter June 2024
June's edition of our newsletter has just been published, check it out here!
24 May 2024
Why should we know what a disaster costs?
What does a disaster cost? Quantatative analisys and numbers tell us a lot, but not the whole story. Read here why the WHAT may be more important than the HOW MUCH a disaster costs.
16 May 2024
A look back at the workshop "The Past and the Future of Resilience in Theory and Practice"
During this workshop we discussed actionable strategies for implementing urban resilience, understanding community-infrastructure dynamics, and optimizing logistics networks for resilience.
14 May 2024
Phishing attempt against 4TU.Resilience Engineering
We detected a targeted phishing attempt against the 4TU.Resilience Engineering community. Please remain vigilant when receiving suspicious email!
10 Apr 2024
Resilience Engineering in manufacturing: build in some slack
Creating the leanest systems and procedures for an optimized production is at the heart of the traditional view of industry and production. But do lean systems stand their ground...
22 Mar 2024
Newsletter March 2024
The March edition of our newletter has just been published, check it out here!
27 Feb 2024
Interdisciplinary research takes main stage in the Netherlands Scientific Climate Council (WKR)
In December 2023, the Scientific Climate Council (WKR) published its first advice. Wieke Pot, council member of the WKR and member of 4TU.RE, explains the role of the WKR...
26 Feb 2024
“We should all be water ambassadors”: the importance of water for peaceful global co-existence
Henk Ovink, advisory board member for 4TU.Resilience Engineering, receives honorary doctorate at TU Delft
7 Dec 2023
Newsletter December 2023
December's edition of our newsletter has just been published, check it out here!
29 Nov 2023
Highlights from the 4TU.Resilience Engineering Methodology Workshop
In a comprehensive one-day workshop organized by the 4TU.RE Centre, participants from WUR, UT, TUD, and EUR engaged in an insightful exploration of resilience assessment.
16 Nov 2023
How Urban Resilience took shape in the 4TU.RE community
João Cortesão (Wageningen University and Research*) and Claudiu Forgaci (Delft University of Technology) co-led the Urban Resilience working group during the DeSIRE research programme.
15 Nov 2023
Funding opportunities platform Crowdhelix revisited
Building research consortia and securing funding is a time-consuming process, often discussed at our 4TU.RE meetings. One platform at the forefront of this endeavour is Crowdhelix.
6 Nov 2023
Resilience Reflections: The value of not throwing away the old
Caroline van Bers explores our increasing dependence on technology and its impact on resilience. Recent storms in Europe have exposed our vulnerability, emphasizing the need to safeguard traditional skills and knowledge.  Recent subjects as accelerating climate change call for a shift in our mindset, both individually and as a society, to enhance our resilience. It's a look at the intersection of technology, resilience, and climate change.
16 Oct 2023
Resilience Reflections: All metrics are wrong
The latest Resilience Reflections article is now available online.