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DeSIRE Fall Event

Thursday 30 September until 1 October 2021

Note: This meeting is in the past. An overview of the impressions and conclusions of this meeting can be found below.

Impressions of our meeting 

On Thursday 30 September and Friday 1 October a DeSIRE Fall Event was held at Grand Hotel Wientjes in Zwolle. The programme was as follows: 


10.00   Informal Welcome and opportunity to meet with colleagues, team up with working groups.

12.00   Lunch Buffet at the Hotel

13.00   Official Opening of the program by prof. Tatiana Filatova

                 Informal & quick round of introductions of those present (~45 participants)

13.10   Case Study Presentations by the practitioners bringing in the cases (10 mins./case max)

13.50   Introduction to the Theory of Change by Joost Teuben

14.30   Short coffee break

14.40   Break Outs to discuss and approach the case studies part I

16.00   Short coffee break

16.05   Break Outs to discuss and approach the case studies part II

16.40¬† ¬†Summary & conclusions per case study ‚Äď presented by the stakeholders (5 mins./case max)

17.00   SURF Programme Closure & Game Explanation of the RElastiCity Game

17.30   Festive Reception and Playing of the RElastiCity Game

19.00   Dinner

21.00   Desert & Pubquiz


8.45      Official start of the program

8.50      Presentation and workshop on Transdisciplinarity by Deger Ozakramanli

9.20¬† ¬† ¬† Break Outs on the case studies ‚Äď Transdisciplinarity Part I

10.00   Short coffee break

10.10¬† ¬†Break Outs on the case studies ‚Äď Transdisciplinarity Part II

10.55   Summarized Reflection by the Practitioners (5 mins./case max)

11.15   Finish up and Walk Towards…..

11.30   Zwolle Climate Campus Organized Tours (bikes and boat)

13.00   Lunch in Zwolle City Center

14.00   Formal wrapping up