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RElastiCity: An urban resilience game


G. Bekebrede et al

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RElastiCity is a game about urban resilience developed by the TU Delft Gamelab

The game forms part of a project funded by the Dutch government to develop and publish Open Educational resources. 

In the game, the players are responsible for the resilience of a city, they have to protect the city against stresses and adapt the city to become more resilient. In this way, the players experience the choices that have to be made and the consequences of the choices.

The content of the game can be adapted to make a closer fit with the city or area of interest.

The game is primarily developed as an introduction for engineering students (in higher education) to the topic of resilience. This can be part of a course about resilience or related to a resilience topic within a course. As the focus is engineering, the content of the game is more focused on the engineering challenges and less on the societal issues. In a broader perspective, the game can also be used for professional training, in resilience research projects or in any other interested group of players.

 At the platform Edusources you can find all the resources (manuals, material sets for different domains, etc.) and the learning objectives.

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