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PhD Graduate School Programme

Programme structure

The full program for a PhD student in the 4TU.Ethics Graduate School consists of at least 5 courses of 5 ECTS each (CC2, the Annual Writing Retreat is 2.5 ECTS and therefore needs to be taken twice).

Two courses are mandatory ("the core courses" CC1 and CC2). From the Listed courses (LC) the student needs to choose at least one course. The PhD student can also choose courses of the graduate school of the OZSW and WTMC. In total the PhD student needs to do 25 ECTS, which are 5 courses.   
If a student wants to become a member of the graduate school, they need to send their Education Plan listing all the courses they intend to take to This format can be used for the education plan Education plan 4TU.Ethics

Core courses (CC1 and CC2)

These courses are to provide all PhD students in the 4TU.Ethics Graduate School with a common knowledge and skills base as ethicists of technology. In addition, they serve a social purpose in building the community, since all PhD students of a single cohort will be taking these courses together. We are currently working on updating the course schedule.   

CC1 Philosophies of Technology
Expected in May 2025

CC2 Annual Writing retreat
Dates for November will be annouced soon.

Listed courses (LC1-LC8)

These courses allow PhD students to extend their knowledge of ethics of technology, while providing flexibility, in recognition of the differences in project topics and student background. PhD students are required to choose at least one course from this list of courses specified by 4TU.Ethics.

LC1 Philosophy of Risk (TU/e)
4-8 November 2024

LC2 Philosophy of Responsible Innovation (WUR/TUD)
Expected in January 2025

LC3 Philosophy of Mind, Body and Technology (UT)
11 November 2024 - 31 January 2025

LC4 Anticipation and Assessment of Emerging Technologies (UT)
11 November 2024 - 31 January 2025

LC5 Continental Philosophy of Technoscience (WUR)
23-30 October 2024

LC6 Good Technology for Users and Society (UT)
2 September - 8 November 2024

LC7 Empirical Methods for Philosophy of Technology (TUD)
Expected in April 2026.

LC8 Design for Human Autonomy (TUD)
9-13 September 2024.

LC9 Philosophy and Ethics of AI (WUR)
19-26 February 2025

Other graduate schools

It is possible for PhD students to follow courses of other graduate schools that are on our 'whitelist'. However, first permission needs to be granted by graduate school director. In order to get permission send an email to Our whitelist currently consisting of:

The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW)

Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC)  

Other activities

PhD students enrolled in the 4TU.Ethics Graduate School are expected to take part in 4TU.Ethics activities (such as the annual PhD Day and the biennially Research Day) as well as local activities (such as group seminars and reading groups) that could be considered educational. Although participation in such activities is beneficial and strongly encouraged, we do not formally consider them part of the 4TU.Ethics credit-based education programme.