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Media and General Public

4TU.Ethics aims to stimulate discussions throughout society about ethical issues surrounding new and emerging technologies. The results of our research are shared with a wide audience, not just with people working in industry or academia. This builds the Centre’s reputation as a leading centre in its field both within the Netherlands and internationally.

Reaching the General Public

The public is generally reached through traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and television programs. These sources have the additional benefit of building the Centre’s reputation as a leading institute in its field both, within the Netherlands and internationally. We also spread our research through our members' social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and personal blogs. They also frequently give public lectures and participate in public symposia. Through all of these channels we raise awareness of ethical issues, share our research and ideas, and initiate public discussions.

Collaborating with Media

Of course, our members also interact with journalistic media. They write opinion pieces and are asked for expert interviews in national and international papers and magazines, such as The New Republic, The Atlantic, the Guardian and the Financial Times. Some members are regular guests on Dutch radio and television programs. These include science programs like Hoe?Zo! and Noorderlicht, discussion programs like Met het Oog op Morgen and Casa Luna, and news and documentary programs like De Volmaakte Mens and Tegenlicht. We also make international TV appearances. Furthermore, we occasionally enter into a more structural relationship to function as a preferred partner. We are currently doing this with De Correspondent; a popular Dutch paid news website.

Future Outreach

4TU.Ethics is committed to maintaining and intensifying our existing relations with media, now and in the future. We seek to continue our active presence in the media and to stay a go-to party when expert opinions and advice about ethics of technology and responsible innovation are needed. We will also organise public activities about the programme during the annual Week of Science at participating universities, at Science Cafes and via public lectures. We will announce newsworthy research results through press releases and opinion pieces. We use our existing contacts with organizations like the Rathenau Institute (Dutch organization for technology assessment) and with festivals like Lowlands and Zwarte Cross to upscale existing participation of our researchers to science festivals. Lastly, we will use the Centre's website to reach the general audience as well as the media, and we will announce regular updates through social media.


For more information about collaboration with 4TU.Ethics, please contact our members individually or one of our coordinators at