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Introduction to the ‘Responsible Innovation 2023’ Series


Welcome to the blog series about Responsible Research and Innovation! All blogs in this series were written by participants of the 4TU.Ethics PhD course ‘Philosophy of Responsible Innovation’, organized by prof. dr. Vincent Blok and prof. dr. Ibo van de Poel.

This course aims to introduce participants to philosophical issues related to responsible innovation, a concept that highlights the relevance of social-ethical issues in the context of research and innovation. In particular, the course invites participants to reflect on responsibility and innovation in general, as well as on the application of responsible innovation in particular fields, such as healthcare and energy.

The essays in this series also broadly fall into these two topics. Some of the essays reflect on the practice of (responsible) innovation in general, for example questioning the need to innovate rather than exnovate, whereas other essays consider the application and risks of innovation in specific domains, such as health apps and quantum technologies.

We will be publishing the essays in this series over the coming months and hope this will provide an interesting perspective on some of the research happening within the 4TU.Ethics network.

About the author 

Céline Budding is a PhD candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology, working on explaining how large language models work. She is also a member of the 4TU.Ethics Blog Editorial board.