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How to apply for publishing in the Simon Stevin series?

1. The PhD. student should notify the 4TU.Ethics Coordinating Team a minimum of three calendar months in advance of their planned defense date to apply for the Simon Stevin series subsidy. Note: Where the month of August falls within the three-calendar month period this time period is extended to four months to allow for the annual leave period of the pre-production manager
over the summer.

2. The PhD student contacts the 4TU.Ethics Coordinating Team to get information about how to contact the pre-production manager at TU Eindhoven.

3. The PhD student receives the latest version of the Steven Stevin series template available from the pre-production manager and puts the final text approved by the Dissertation Committee of their PhD thesis into that format.

4. The pre-production manager will perform a final formatting check of the final text approved by the Dissertation Committee in order to prepare it for printing.

5. The ISBN is sourced from the candidate’s University Library .

6. The 4TU.Ethics will cover €700 of the total amount of publishing costs. Note that the total amount of the publishing process could surpass this €700 al lot. The PhD student is therefore urged to ask the pre-production manager how much the total amount will cost and ask their University how much costs they will cover, so that an informed decision about whether or not to pursue with the publication can be made.