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Civil Society Organisations

4TU.Ethics cooperates with many civil society organisations (CSOs) on issues that concern ethics and the impacts of technology. It is in the interest of civil society organisations that technologies generate benefits, and we are interested in working with CSOs on issues that concern them. Through knowledge transfer with civil society organisations we seek to advance the better implementation of technology in society, more effective advocacy and participation in policy debates by CSOs, and to offer advice for better policies.

Collaborating with Civil Society Organisations

We are regularly asked to give expert advice to different kinds of national and international civil society organisations, and give regular lectures and workshops for their members and staff. CSOs we have worked with include:

Future Outreach

4TU.Ethics seeks to maintain and increase our cooperation with civil society organisations. Knowledge valorisation is achieved through a number of advisory and supervisory roles that our members have in such organisations with a role of technology policy, regulation or implementation. We utilise these roles to transfer knowledge from our research to these organisations. Furthermore, our findings are regularly published in media that target them as well as governmental institutions.


For more information about collaboration with 4TU.Ethics please contact our members individually or one of our coordinators at