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Introduction to the 4TU.Ethics Alumni Network Series


Welcome to the first introductory blogpost of the 4TU.Ethics Alumni Network!

The Alumni Network project was first developed in the final months of 2021 and is now back on track to organize exciting events and activities in 2023.

But first of all, you might be wondering, why set up an Alumni Network? As I’ve mentioned, the idea started surfacing in 2021, with the aim to create a space where 4TU.Ethics alumni can connect, get together, and participate in multiple activities and events. It aims to keep in contact and create connections among those who collaborated with 4TU and still want to be engaged with the activities within the organization. In short, it aims at gathering people with similar backgrounds who may have taken different paths in life and still share their passion for ethics and philosophy of technology.

For the alumni, this can be a space where the spirit of 4TU.Ethics can be shared, and where interesting activities will be organized. From informal online and offline get-togethers to workshops and reading groups, we have a lot of fun ideas for the new year!

Next to the great network of alumni that we aim to create, what’s in it for the current 4TU.Ethics PhD cohort? Having a network of alumni to reach out to get an idea about what happens after graduating from 4TU represents an invaluable opportunity to share wisdom and expectations. We hope that in the upcoming months the connection between the current PhDs and the Alumni Network will solidify, expanding the spirit of 4TU to current and past generations.

What can we expect from the future of the 4TU.Ethics Alumni Network? First, we’re happy to share with you that a new series of blogposts will be published on the 4TU.Ethics blog. It will consist of interviews with 4TU.Ethics alumni who will share their experiences in their work life after 4TU. Keep an eye out for it, the first blogpost will be coming very soon! Next to that, 2023 will mark the beginning of a more engaged collaboration between the PhD cohort and the Alumni community. One of the exciting ideas that have surfaced is to organize a career day where PhDs and alumni can come together and share their experiences and expectations.

Apart from that, we’re open to any suggestions for upcoming activities that you might want to suggest! Don’t hesitate to contact the 4TU.Ethics Alumni Network officer Eliana Bergamin at, and stay tuned for the upcoming blogpost series!