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Energy cornucopia


We buy woke second-hand coats. We put solar panels on our roofs if we have the luxury to do so. And we do our best to turn off the lights when we leave a room. But when all of society is fueled by green energy, there is no need for scarcity anymore. The time of abundance will come. Solar and wind are free and will be the cornucopia of energy. It will be too cheap to meter.

And in the midst of an innovation hub, we find an abandoned rubber hose on the green grass.

“He must, so to speak, throw away the ladder after he has climbed up it.”– Ludwig Wittenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

The price of priceless energy.

About the author 

The energy transition implies moving away from carbon towards renewable energy, and this transition needs to be just. Being part of the RELEASE-project, Nynke’s research is dedicated to energy justice, combining climate ethics and political philosophy. Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @nynkevanuffelen