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17 Mar 2023
4TU.Plantenna | Smart Agriculture 4TU.techtalk #3
Agriculture and horticulture are not always efficient. Often times, small adjustments may lead to big improvements in yield and sustainability.
17 Oct 2022
NRC artikel 4TU.Plantenna | ''Eerst de plant tergen en dan luisteren wat ie zegt''
In NRC Wetenschap van zaterdag 15 oktober is een reportage te lezen van journalist Laura Wismans over de sensoren die de onderzoekers van het samenwerkingsprogramma 4TU.Plantenna afgelopen zomer in de tomatenkas van Delphy hebben getest.
20 May 2022
4TU.Soft Robotics research on 3D weaving and soft printing
Ali Sadeghi the PI of the Soft Robotics lab at the University of Twente and his Ph.D. student Nick Willemstein were interviewed by NRC about their research on 3D printing of soft and hyperelastic materials and soft robots.
8 Mar 2022
Harnessing physics to improve medical imaging | 4TU.techtalk
In the 4TU Precision Medicine programme, scientists are working towards this goal by improving medical imaging technologies in a fruitful interaction between science and clinical practice.
2 Jun 2021
4TU.Soft Robotics Interview | The soft touch of future robots
The team of the HTSF Soft Robotics programme are working on soft robots that are safer and better equipped to function in a human environment. This is a new specialisation that involves many fields of expertise.
1 Mar 2021
4TU.DeSIRE | Resilient Cities Techtalk #5
A talk between Tina Comes (4TU.Resilience Engineering) and Anne-Marie Hitipeuw (City of The Hague) about resilience and the main challenges to address.
26 Nov 2020
Interview with 4TU's Precision Medicine Team
The right treatment, in the right way, at the right time. The 4TU.Federation interviewed Tenure trackers Camilla Terenzi (WUR) and Jelmer Wolterink (UT) on the dream that connects the 4TU Precision Medicine team.
5 Oct 2020
4TU.Pride & Prejudice | Sensors for a healthy lifestyle
In the Food Intake project, part of the 4TU Pride & Prejudice programme, 4TU researchers want to use technologies such as sensors, smartphones and an interactive dining table to measure what, how much and how people eat.