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RECENTRE: Risk-based lifEstyle Change: daily-lifE moNiToring and REcommendations


There is a great need for a more personalized approach in healthcare and smart monitoring solutions to revolutionize healthcare and relocate care from the clinical to the home setting. In RECENTRE, we work with patients and citizens to empower people to play a leading role in their lifestyle and health within their own environment. By holistic monitoring of vulnerable populations in their home and tailored recommendations, we relocate care from primary/secondary care and prevent disease development or worsening, resulting in timely intervention, higher quality of life and lower healthcare costs.

By leveraging on existing state-of-the-art sensing techniques, we advance emerging deep-tech sensing approaches, resulting in improvements in scale, cost, and performance. We develop dynamic risk profiles based on multivariate data for the added risk of lifestyle on health outcomes over time. For monitoring high-risk populations in daily life, we create integrated smart sensor systems. The systems are designed for high patient engagement by considering the needs of patients in combination with the vividness of imagining oneself in a virtual environment with different types of sensing techniques in the future-self approach. By deep-phenotyping, we develop dynamic holistic patient profiles over the life course to come towards meaningful personalized adaptive recommendations with high potential for adoption and lifestyle change. We investigate transferability by including multiple application areas; focusing on cancer and obese populations at risk of late effects. This combined risk-based approach using holistic monitoring and engagement enables sustainable empowerment of people in daily-life using eHealth.

Our combined 4TU expertise will strengthen and pool cutting-edge techniques in the fields of deep-tech sensing technologies, dynamic prediction modelling, holistic profiling, adaptive individual interventions, patient engagement, implementation science, and (cost-)effectiveness. This synergy in complementary expertise is paramount for successful development of smart affordable and accessible eHealth monitoring solutions in daily life. We form a large network, including all relevant stakeholders for our patient and citizen-centered approach.