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19 Jan 2021
4TU.techtalk#3 | Smart agriculture
Agriculture and horticulture are not always efficient. Often times, small adjustments may lead to big improvements in yield and sustainability.
14 Jan 2021
Lives can be saved by new biosensors
The spin-off of the spin-off | Thanks to Helia Biomonitoring's new biosensors, a spin-off of TU/e, medication doses can be automatically regulated based on a patient's condition. Lives can be saved by continuously monitoring the concentration levels of medicines in blood.
7 Jan 2021
Fruit export on banana pallets substantially reduces CO2 emissions
Wooden pallets are a thing of the past if it is up to start-up Yellow Pallet. The company makes pallets from banana fiber. This is more sustainable and prevents deforestation.
5 Jan 2021
TTT-CT funding start-ups SAIA Agrobotics and FUL Foods
SHIFT Invest, partner in the national Thematic Technology Transfer programme on Circular Technology (TTT-CT), recently invested in the two promising startups SAIA Agrobotics and Ful Foods.
1 Dec 2020
4TUtechtalk #2 | The catch-22 of tech start-ups
Real innovation takes place in startups, as is often heard. Yet, many startups are struggling with their funding and access to markets. Why is that? What can be done about it? And what makes startups so important, anyway? A conversation with two innovative tech entrepreneurs, one of whom is also active within 4TU.Impact.
26 Nov 2020
Interview with 4TU's Precision Medicine Team
The right treatment, in the right way, at the right time. The 4TU.Federation interviewed Tenure trackers Camilla Terenzi (WUR) and Jelmer Wolterink (UT) on the dream that connects the 4TU Precision Medicine team.
25 Nov 2020
Thirsty Tomatoes | Plantenna Blog #2
In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, three bachelor students set out to analyze climate and plant data collected in Delphy’s greenhouse research facility located in Bleiswijk. An important step to learn how Plantenna can build upon existing knowledge to realize Plantenna’s future dream of wireless communicating plants.
19 Nov 2020
TU Delft and WUR have won Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge
Team ZED has won the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge. The start-up from the Delft University of Technology designs a B2B IoT solutions provider, which enables companies to harness the potential of wireless 'batteryless' applications. Reshore from Wageningen University & Research has won the public award. They developed floating breakwaters that are able to replace the current gray lifeless breakwaters with flourishing ecosystems.
18 Nov 2020
Design United at Dutch Design Week
This year 4TU’s Design United team used the opportunity of a digital Dutch Design Week to get Up Close and Personal with the work of up and coming design researchers with five themed talk shows and a magazine. As is the case every October, Design United co-produced CLICKNL’s Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE.