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30 Apr 2014
Information day SAI
Are you ready for a two year training program while at the same time receiving a salary? And are you interested in technological design and looking to enhance your skills and expertise to boost your career in business or industry?
30 Apr 2014
New chairs look ahead
“The 3TU.Federation has laid a solid foundation for collaboration between the three universities of technology in the Netherlands,” he says. “We now have to reinforce what we already have and concentrate upon what is happening abroad, both close at hand and further afield. With our excellent range of research and education, we can play at the top of the league.”
30 Apr 2014
Two new 3TU.Research Centres launched
With Professor Dirk Heylen of the University of Twente as its director of research, the Humans & Technology Research Centre will investigate interaction between people and technologies. In its main lines of research, the centre plans to bring together computer science, psychology, industrial and related disciplines with a view to exploring new forms of collaboration and so produce innovative developments for a more liveable technological world.
26 Mar 2014
First PDEng diploma for trainee Energy & Process
André Louis MSc. is the first candidate who has received the PDEng diploma of the new programme in Energy & Process Technology (EPT) at the University of Twente. On behalf of the VMI Group company, Louis conducted his technical design project, and on March 4, he received his degree from UT-rector prof.dr. Ed Brinksma.
4 Mar 2014
First generation of SEB&C PDEng graduates!
On 20th of February the first generation of Smart Energy Buildings & Cities technological designers graduated with a festive ceremony. In a symposium prior to the ceremony these Smart Energy Professionals all pitched their projects in five minutes to the audience.
9 Dec 2013
3TU.Innovation & Technology Conference successful!
Over 300 people attended the 3TU.Innovation & Technology conference at which the three Universities of Technology showed the technological progress made by working together in the various 3TU.Research Centres.
18 Nov 2013
Dirk Jan van den Berg new chairman of 3TU.Federation
Van den Berg has previously served as chairman of the 3TU.Federation, until 1 January 2012.
3 Oct 2013
First graduates Automotive Systems Design
As of October new talented engineers will start their career in the automotive high tech industry. The technological designer’s program Automotive Systems Design is organizing a diploma award ceremony for her very first generation of graduated technological designers.
5 Sep 2013
3TU Master’s Thesis Award for Michiel Wolbers
The Master’s thesis of Michiel Wolbers is about decision making in innovation projects in the construction industry. Under supervision of Erwin Hofman, Joop Halman and dr. Judith Timmer, he performed his project at the Innovation Management department of Balast Nedam.