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18 Nov 2020
Design United at Dutch Design Week
This year 4TU’s Design United team used the opportunity of a digital Dutch Design Week to get Up Close and Personal with the work of up and coming design researchers with five themed talk shows and a magazine. As is the case every October, Design United co-produced CLICKNL’s Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE.
17 Nov 2020
Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen new Secretary General of 4TU
The Executive Committee of the 4TU.Federation has appointed Dr Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen as Secretary with effect from 1 March 2021.
29 Oct 2020
Launch new series: 4TU.techtalks
The 4TU.Federation launches the 4TU.techtalks - a series of double interviews, each between a 4TU professional and a counterpart from society.
6 Oct 2020
4TU Impact Challenge
Young top talents in the Netherlands compete in the online final of a unique innovation competition of the four Dutch technical universities. The online final of the 4TU Impact Challenge will take place on Thursday 19 November.
6 Oct 2020
Interview with outgoing Secretary General IJsbrand Haagsma
Secretary General IJsbrand Haagsma is leaving the 4TU.Federation as of 1 November to continue his career as Special Envoy for Public Affairs at the University of Twente. In an interview with 4TU, Haagsma looked back on his eight years as the 4TU.Federation's Secretary General.
5 Oct 2020
Sensors for a healthy lifestyle
In the Food Intake project, part of the 4TU Pride & Prejudice programme, 4TU researchers want to use technologies such as sensors, smartphones and an interactive dining table to measure what, how much and how people eat.
1 Oct 2020
Strategy 2020-205
An increase in the number of STEM students, a shortage of engineers on the labor market and we are facing a multitude of societal challenges. Read the 4TU strategy 2020-2025 in order to learn how the four universities of technology are responding to these and other new issues and joining forces.
30 Sep 2020
Interview Cynthia Liem, Chair ICTng (4TU.NIRICT)
To gain an impression of what ICT academics consider important in their careers and open up the debate about this, ICTng (4TU.NIRICT) has developed a questionnaire that has been sent out to all universities.
28 Sep 2020
Plantenna Blog # 1, Sander Bronckers (TU/e)
When they were just getting to the point of doing cool experiments in the lab for their BSc thesis, the work of three students working on Plantenna was abruptly disrupted by the covid-19 crisis.
24 Sep 2020
Interview 4TU.ResearchData director Marta Teperek
Marta Teperek (TU Delft) has been the new director of 4TU.ResearchData since July 2020. She succeeds Alastair Dunning. The 4TU.Federation had a discussion with Teperek about her ambitions with this joint 4TU initiative.
18 Sep 2020
Survey student learning outcomes during corona
As in other universities, the corona crisis at TU Eindhoven led to an abrupt and very fundamental change in the form of teaching and student learning. All interaction has shifted to online.
10 Sep 2020
Tina Comes new scientific director RE
Dr. Tina Comes - Associate Professor on Resilience Decisions at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the TU Delft - is the new Scientific Director of the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU RE). She takes over from Professor David Smeulders (Eindhoven University of Technology).
27 Aug 2020
Haagsma to leave 4TU in November
IJsbrand Haagsma will leave the 4TU.Federation to continue his career on 1 November 2020 as Special Envoy for Public Affairs at the University of Twente. Haagsma took office as secretary of the 3TU.Federation on 1 July 2012. During his secretarial position, the partnership of the technical universities was expanded to include Wageningen University.
12 Aug 2020
Listening to plants - Plantenna
One of the innovative projects within the Plantenna program is the project in which researchers listen to the signals from plants with a special microphone.
23 Jun 2020
Interview Maarten Hornikx, new director 4TU.Bouw
Maarten Hornikx (TU/e) has been the Scientific Director at the 4TU.Bouw Center of Excellence for the Built Environment since February 2020. He has taken over the role from André Dorée (UT) who will continue his involvement in the centre as one of the four TU ambassadors.