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15 May 2022
Using plants as antennae | Plantenna Blog #9
Using a plant to increase the radiation efficiency of an antenna, it seemed like science fiction until recently. However, a simulation study including an Antenna Booster, a simple printed circuit board (PCB) and a basic leaf model showed that the use of the plant itself as an antenna might actually be closer to reality than we think.
24 Mar 2022
Six eligible proposals HTSF-2021 call
The 4TU.Federation has received six eligible proposals in the HTSF-2021 call. The six submitted proposals are based on fifteen Expressions of Interest, submitted last October and are spread over the three themes: built environment, health care and food systems. Depending on the size of the programmes, 3-5 programmes can be funded.
21 Mar 2022
ZED paves the way for a battery-free Internet of Things
Start-up ZED (Zero Energy Development), a TU Delft spin-off, developed wire- and battery-less sensors that run on the energy by simply pressing a button. Or by buckling your belt
18 Mar 2022
New 4TU.Energy video
In the new 4TU.Energy video, Harry Bitter (WUR), Michael Boot (TU/e) and Wiebren de Jong (TUD) highlight the possibilities of biomass in the transition to clean energy. Their goal? To accelerate towards a carbon neutral society!
8 Mar 2022
4TU welcomes Vinod Subramaniam (UT) as new chair
The 4TU.Federation has appointed Vinod Subramaniam (Madras, 1967) of the University of Twente as its new chair with effect from 8 March 2022. Subramaniam succeeds Louise Fresco (Wageningen University & Research) who held the position for the past two and a half years.
8 Mar 2022
Harnessing physics to improve medical imaging | 4TU.techtalk #6
Medicine is becoming increasingly personalised. One-size-fits-all approaches make way for tailor-made treatments, for instance for cancer and cardiovascular disease. In the 4TU Precision Medicine programme, scientists are working towards this goal by improving medical imaging technologies in a fruitful interaction between science and clinical practice.
7 Mar 2022
4TU presents second opinion sustainability aviation to Dutch House of Representatives
On 17 February, Minister Harbers presented a second opinion on the subject of sustainable aviation, drawn up by 4TU, to the Dutch House of Representatives. In the second opinion, three Full Professors of the universities of technology discuss the fact sheet 'Future of sustainable aviation: an update'. This fact sheet (an update of an existing document) by Paul Peeters (Breda University of Applied Sciences) and Joris Melkert (TU Delft) was presented in the Dutch House of Representatives during the Aviation Committee debate in June 2021.  
10 Feb 2022
Dutch 3D body scanner is set to conquer the world
MILabs has its roots in TU Delft and Utrecht University, but after its acquisition by Rigaku in 2021, the company is now ready to supply its innovative 3D scanners to the world.
31 Jan 2022 - Source: Lizet Beek
How ECsens' sensors could save lives in the healthcare industry
Pepijn Beekman and Dilu Mathew, founders of start-up ECsens, a spin-off of the University of Twente, are planning no less than a revolution in healthcare. In late 2019, they won the 4TU Impact Challenge with their sensors to diagnose cancer faster.