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1 Nov 2021
NRO practice-oriented research in higher education: the case review
This NRO practice-oriented research project studies how teachers learn in the context of educational innovations in higher education.
31 Oct 2021
Sector plan project ‘Advancing university teaching and educational careers’
The project team aims to help realise educational careers within the (faculties of) of the universities of technology, and to gain insight into how meaningful assessment of educational quality takes place.
29 Oct 2021
Transformative Learning: Integrating Art in Engineering Education
Investigating the processes and outcomes of transformative learning in three art-embedded learning courses.
28 Oct 2021
CBL’s contribution to learning of theoretical concepts
What can we expect from CBL concerning acquiring theoretical knowledge? How can we employ CBL to build theoretical understanding? The study ‘Challenge Based Tasks For Fundamental Knowledge’ provides various practical ideas.
25 Oct 2021
Support for teachers on blended learning development
LinLin Pei, educational consultant and PhD candidate with 4TU.CEE at the University of Twente, is working on a model to help instructors develop blended learning.
8 Sep 2021
4TU.CEE initiates white paper on the impact of Covid-19 on university teaching and learning
In this white paper 4TU.CEE reflects on what the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to our education system.
7 Sep 2021
Best practices in Entrepreneurial Engineering Education at the 4TUs
Teaching an entrepreneurial mind-set becomes an increasingly valuable skill for future engineers. But how is this done at the 4TUs? Read all about it in this brochure.
6 Sep 2021
Student Tom Jaring wins BK-Launch voucher with business plan for an eco-sound wall
Tom Jaring was chosen as winner of the BK Launch Studio, an elective course of the MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at TU Delft.
12 Jul 2021
Launch of 4TU-VO platform
Secondary school pupils will get a taste of engineering education