Part of the 4TU.Federation
Centre for
Engineering Education

About 4TU.CEE

4TU.CEE believes in jointly inspiring, stimulating, supporting and disseminating effective and high quality Engineering Education through research and application of evidence-based innovations.

In order to boost engineering education, the Board of the 4TU.Federation has decided to work together in a Centre for Engineering Education. The 4TU.CEE aims to gather, develop and implement up-to-date expertise in engineering education. (New) improvements in educationĀ areĀ implemented and the effectiveness of these improvementsĀ is monitored and analysed. The expertiseĀ and experiences of allĀ four partnersĀ is exchanged to benefit all partners.

4TU.CEE facilitates teaching staff to improve their teaching competencies by developing, exploring and demonstrating the newest educational methods. An overview of 4TU.CEE, its activities and innovationĀ topics it is involved with can be found in our brochure.

An explicit task of 4TU.CEE is to contribute to the international community of engineering education and to seek cooperation where appropriate. 4TU.CEE collaborates with educational communities such as SEFI, CDIO, and related organisations. 4TU.CEE organises (international) conferences and workshops on Engineering Education. These events provide a platform for TU teaching staff, sharing their experiences and becoming inspired by (international) colleagues.

4TU.CEE is funded by the universities themselves and by external sponsoring such as the Ministry of Education and Sciences (OCW, 4TU. Sectorplan Technologie 2014-2015). Please find an overview of 4TU.CEE and its activities in our brochure.