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14 Mar 2022
Skills learning trajectories: design choices & users’ experiences
Researcher Claire Goriot investigated the intentions of several bachelor programmes at WUR that have implemented learning trajectories for (academic) skills, the choices that were made in designing the trajectories, and the usersā€™ experiences.
25 Jan 2022
Experiences with modularisation at TU/e
TU/e aims to change the curriculum from a course-based (ā€˜traditionalā€™) engineering curriculum to a challenge-based one. To enable this shift, modularisation is crucial.
24 Jan 2022
Scaffolding challenge-based teaching in different educational contexts through Lesson Study
Read how TU/e aims to boost the adaptation of mostly teacherā€centered lessons or courses to encompass self-regulated learning with project Lesson Study.
21 Jan 2022
The potential of mixing professionals and traditional students in the classroom
At Wageningen University, didactic experts and teachers believe mixing the classroom has great potential for adding value to learning for both professionals and traditional students.
17 Dec 2021
4TU.CEE progress report 2019-2021 is available
We are proud to showcase a selection of our activities, projects and research over the period 2019-2021 in our progress report.
1 Nov 2021
NRO practice-oriented research in higher education: the case review
This NRO practice-oriented research project studies how teachers learn in the context of educational innovations in higher education.
31 Oct 2021
Sector plan project ‘Advancing university teaching and educational careers’
The project team aims to help realise educational careers within the (faculties of) of the universities of technology, and to gain insight into how meaningful assessment of educational quality takes place.
29 Oct 2021
Transformative Learning: Integrating Art in Engineering Education
Investigating the processes and outcomes of transformative learning in three art-embedded learning courses.
28 Oct 2021
CBL’s contribution to learning of theoretical concepts
What can we expect from CBL concerning acquiring theoretical knowledge? How can we employ CBL to build theoretical understanding? The study ā€˜Challenge Based Tasks For Fundamental Knowledgeā€™ provides various practical ideas.