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Project introduction and background information

The project is an elaboration of Diversity and flexibility" of the vision controlling document of the 4TU.Centre For Engineering Education 2018 with an extension to the present.

 Helping to acquire the NVAO/ECA Internationalisation accreditation

Objective and expected outcomes

First step: 

-Inventory diversity and inclusion, specifically on  cultural competence development

‚ÄďStatus of programme

‚ÄďCurrent implementation

‚ÄďSupport requests

- Survey amongst programme directors on UT and  WUR.

23 responses

Expected outcomes:

 a) Needs assessment among programmes by a survey held among Program directors. 

b) Inventory of existing materials and good practices.

c) Internationalisation toolbox with materials/activities to support intercultural communication + a scenario for roll-out to (technical) programmes and/or individual teachers.

d) Conference contribution or journal paper and presentation at a CEE event or education day

e) One or more events in the field of intercultural communication, including the awareness workshop for UTwente, and WageningenUR educational developers and if desired TUDelft and TuEindhoven.   A training course for international teachers on how to work and learn with people (colleagues and/or students) from different cultures and backgrounds

Results and learnings

-Lot’s of support questions based upon survey

-Further clarification is needed

-About 10 programmes want to be actively involved  in project

-Training programmes and workshops are being  offered for 4TU-staff, lecturers, student advisors  and counsellors

-Support is delivered to programmes


1.     Toolkit for Internationalization in cooperation with UTwente 

 2.     A series of Workshops such as: Teaching in the International Classroom ( 2 day course) ; Supporting International Students, how to turn fear of failure into competency (one day workshop) Inclusiveness for better study-results (a one day workshop) Cultural Appropriate and effective feedback (one day workshop) Intercultural Group dynamics: opportunities and challenges of the International Classroom (one day workshop) When differences clash; conflict resolution; essentials of conflict resolution in interdisciplinary groups (one day workshop) 

Practical outcomes

The workshops have been evaluated and have led to a demand-oriented supply.

After being given in Wageningen and Twente, commisioned by Wageningen University and Research, they are currently available to 4TUCEE members; staff, lecturers, Phd:s councellors and study advisors.  Developed and implemented by the Cross Cultural Trainer Marijke van Oppen, and a co trainer with a different educational, research or cultural background  

The workshops are evaluated and based on the feedback, they are adjusted and further developed with the latest findings but always translated into practical applicability.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic the workshops were also developed and executed online.