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Marijke van Oppen
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Innovations of Marijke van Oppen

drs. MAAU (Marijke) van Oppen
Diversity and Flexibility
Course LevelCurriculum LevelBScMScPhDWorkshopToolIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 03/07/2018
Modified: 20/09/2021
Increase awareness of the importance of cultural competence development, in particular intercultural communication; develop an inclusive campus climate for management, staff and students. Support interested programmes in formulating a vision on international (ization) curriculum,
Dealing with diversity
Intercultural group dynamics
Course LevelCurriculum LevelWorkshopIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 03/09/2020
Modified: 28/05/2021
The international classroom often is advocated as a panacea for providing all students with an international and intercultural learning experience. However, it has become evident from research that exposure to diversity does not automatically lead to intercultural development. Sometimes one can even observe contrary, unintended and undesirable outcomes. Negative experiences may lead to less appre…
Dealing with diversity
Interdisciplinary education
Supporting cross-cultural university education
Course LevelCurriculum LevelAbove curriculumBScMScPhDEvidence BasedArticle (research paper)WorkshopIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 08/10/2020
Modified: 29/05/2021
This paper shows the approach of Wageningen University towards the international
classroom, including its student population, policies, informational resources and support
activities. The teachers are experienced with the international classroom, but need more training.
Dealing with diversity
Teaching international classes
Course LevelCurriculum LevelWorkshopInformative without practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 20/02/2017
Modified: 28/09/2020
Teaching in the International and Multicultural Classroom is a project that takes place each year. Wageningen University as part of Euroleague for Life Sciences - ELLS was host of lecturerers and staff to explore issues and challenges that lecturers and students frequently encounter in multicultural classrooms in the very first year that this project started. During the project trainings day part…
Dealing with diversity
When differences clash
Course LevelCurriculum LevelBScMScPhDWorkshopIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 29/05/2021
Modified: 04/06/2021
Working in interdisciplinary groups entails working with difference. Working with difference brings us to the intercultural communication approach with its emphasis on learning about the Self, so that we can successfully learn about the Other.
Dealing with diversity
Interdisciplinary education