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Project introduction and background information

We are very pleased to announce that a new toolbox for lecturersĀ on the topic of internationalisation is available for lecturers working at the 4TU universities. This toolbox has been developed by experts on internationalisation from UT, WUR and TU/e. It brings together their knowledge and experiences.Ā 

The toolbox addresses the following topics:

  • Why should we internationalise our programmes?
  • How to develop a curriculum or course with a focus on internationalisation?
  • Which competences do I need to teach in an international classroom?
  • How to prepare students for an international classroom?
  • Diversity, going beyond cultural differences?

Each of these questions contains several sub-questions with solutions and resources.

Current and future students will work in a rapidly changing world that differs significantly from the present situation. Teaching staff are confronted with new challenges, because the competence for teaching in the international classroom is not something that comes automatically. Likewise, intercultural competence is not automatically developed just by teaching in an international environment. Intercultural competence should be seen as a process, that involves awareness, self-reflection, reflexivity and the development of knowledge and comprehension about cultural differences.

This toolbox is part of the project Intercultural Communication, for the 4TU Centre for Engineering Education (CEE). The idea of this toolbox is to be a living document, by and for lecturers, to share their best practices. So, if you have a good practice, website, course, seminar or something else that can inspire your colleagues, please send it to us. We will make sure the toolbox stays accessible, by placing everything in the right place.

Objective and expected outcomes

The goal of the project was to develop an online toolbox by and for lecturers in which several questions lecturers may have on the topic of internationalisation are addressed. This toolbox needs to be informative and useful by offering qualitative good background information and useful good practices that inspire lecturers, all at one coherent place.

Results and learnings

  • Good practices
  • Useful material, ready for use
  • Structured
  • Easy to read, no long lists with references, a qualitative selection has already been made.
  • Developed by people working at three technical universities: UT, TU/e and WUR

Practical outcomes



Special thanks go out to drs. Chris Rouwenhorst (UT), ir. Emiel van Puffelen (WUR), drs. Marijke van Oppen (WUR), Megawanti Megawanti MSc (WUR) andĀ drs. Sandra van Dongen (TU/e) for theirĀ contribution in creating the toolbox.Ā