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Become a Resilience Fellow!

Types of fellowships

The 4TU Resilience Fellowship programme has three categories: Young Resilience Fellows, Resilience Fellows and Resilience Ambassadors. Fellows are selected by the participating universities (see call for proposals). Ambassadors are appointed by the Scientific Steering Group.

Young Resilience Fellows Program

Purpose: We offer talented researchers and practitioners an opportunity to stay for a research visit at one of the 4TUs.

Eligibility: Young scholars (starting from 3rd year of PhD to 7 years after PhD) as well as early-career practitioners ( <10 years’ experience) with a keen interest in understanding the resilience of coupled social-technical-environmental systems.

Resilience Research Fellows

Purpose: We offer mid-career professionals a possibility to exchange experiences and strengthen networks: engage with the resilience network, exchange research challenges and ideas and develop joint research proposals and publications. They get the opportunity to stay for a research visit with one of the groups involved in the 4TU RE.

Eligibility: Mid-career scholars (7-20 years after PhD), as well as practitioners (10-25 years of experience).

Resilience Engineering Ambassador

Purpose: We aim to support a network of high-level executives and internationally renowned RE researchers and policymakers who actively steer resilience research, thinking and management within and outside their organisations. 4TU RE Ambassadors will become part of the Ambassador Network and are invited to executive workshops.

Eligibility: People who can shape and influence research, policy and practice. High-level executives and outstanding researchers who aim to make 1. their organisation, 2. the services or products they develop and deliver, or 3. society more resilient.

What do we offer?

Considering the outbreak of covid-2019, we encourage applicants to consider new and creative forms of engagement and cooperation to either replace or complement an actual research visit. 

Call for proposals

An extra call for RE Fellows is now open exclusively for Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Since both universities did not participate in our 2019 call, they did not attract as many Fellows as the other two participating universities. This extra call for proposals for (Young) Resilience Fellows is open till October 30, 2020.

To submit an application, please use the following template.

If you have submitted an application, the interdisciplinary committee will assess your proposal on the following criteria:

  1. Clarity and relevance of planned activities and outputs.
    Does the application specify concrete activities and outputs that advance our understanding for social-technical-environmental systems?
  2. Quality and added value of the proposed collaboration.
    To what extent does the proposal lead to stronger and/or new connections?
  3. Expected impact on the 4TU RE Community;
    To what extent does the proposal clearly explain how the activities and outputs will benefit the 4TU RE Community?

Applicants will be informed about the outcomes of the selection process before the end of November 2020. When you are selected, you can apply for reimbursement of a part of your travel cost up to an amount of € 1.000,- for EU citizens and € 2.000,- for non-EU citizens. Applicants who replace a research visit by other forms of engagement and cooperation because of the covid-2019 virus, may propose to use some of these funds for other purposes.


For general questions, please contact In case of specific questions, please contact the coordinator of the participating universities: