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Resilience, Reliability & Asset Management Congress

Friday, 11 January 2019
The call is on! Submit your abstract for the World Congress on Resilience, Reliability and Asset Management 2019 in Singapore, which takes place during 28 - 31 July.

The emergence of cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the last decade has greatly increased the connectivity and interdependency between infrastructural and industrial systems. This development has led to greater complexity in the planning, design, and operations of system of systems.

The World Congress on Resilience, Reliability and Asset Management 2019 aims to bring resilience, reliability and asset engineering scientists, policymakers, and practitioners together to share knowledge and ideas to make systems more robust and resilient.

The exchange of ideas, approaches, and best practices is expected to yield new insights and solutions to improve the management of infrastructure assets and systems. The congress grew out of the success of the inaugural International Conference on Infrastructure Resilience organised by the Future Resilient Systems programme in 2018.

We invite authors to submit abstracts of original research on the topics of resilience, system safety, and asset management.

See this link for details!