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Thursday, 24 October 2019



Special Session on:

Human Performance in Resilience, Risk and Safety Assessments

Description: The role of human actors is traditionally introduced in resilience engineering, risk and safety assessments as a part of the system vulnerability. This contrasts with social resilience research, which considers humans as a resource that have the capability to improve resilience. This session focuses on resilience, risk and safety-related problems where human actors such as the population or professional actors (NGOs, emergency services, defense, policy-makers) are explicitly considered. Thereby, we aim to connect the resilience engineering and societal resilience communities.

Motivation: Introducing human actors only as vulnerability does not permit research to explore the contribution of humans for overall system performance. For instance, an adequate modelling of human behavior enables the assessment of the effectiveness and impact of different information management and coordination strategies or governance arrangements in the aftermath of a major disaster.

Objective: Mathematical approaches to introducing human behavior in the studies of resilience, risk and safety; case studies quantifying the potential of human actors to improve the system performance; and the evaluation of the impact of information-sharing, coordination and governance are some of the topics discussed in this session.

Please submit your abstract by November 10, 2019

Please submit your abstract through the conference website, In¬†step 1 of the submission procedure, select ‚ÄúHuman performance in Resilience, Risk and Safety¬†Assessments‚ÄĚ as conference track. Also, please send a copy of the abstract by email to the special session¬†organizers.