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Wednesday, 1 June 2022

We have a long list of 4TU.RE members to congratulate!

Congrats to:

Wieke Pot for obtaining her University Teaching Qualification! 

Claudiu Forgaci for receiving the “Mihai Alexandru” Prize of Excellence 2021 for urbanism researchers awarded by APUR - Romanian Professional Association of Urban Planners. Claudiu’s candidacy focused on (1) operationalizing the concept of urban resilience in the Romanian, European and global contexts, (2) new forms of research in urbanism prompted by complex societal challenges and transdisciplinarity, and (3) cultivating digital data literacy in urbanism. Claudiu wrote on LinkedIn: “I look forward to furthering these lines of development together with my Romanian colleagues.”

Also congrats Claudiu for receiving an eScience Centre Fellowship for 2022-2023. Claudiu wrote: "The fellowship, entitled 'Rbanism - building digital competence for reproducible, automated and scalable research in the urbanism research community' aims to improve the awareness of state-of-the-art digital technologies, scientific computing, data science, computational thinking and software management in the urbanism research community. The fellowship will stimulate engagement and build capacity by demonstrating the benefits of reproducibility, automation and scalability for urbanism research in two thematic workshops and two hands-on challenges—ReproHack and ScaleUp. Experiences from Carpentries workshops, synergies with other activities carried out by Claudiu at TU Delft, as well as his national and international network including DeSIRE community, will benefit both the content of the planned activities and the community-building efforts of this fellowship. The fellowship will build on the first steps taken by a recently formed group of R users in the Department of Urbanism at TU Delft and it has the ambition to scale up to a larger national and international Rbanism community."

João Cortesão for receiving the award ‘Vak van de Hucht 2022’ for the course Climate-responsive Planning and Design! The course that João coordinates, and teaches together with Sven Stremke, Gert-Jan Steeneveld and Igor Sirnik, won the award of best course of the Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning Programme, MSc level 2021-2022. João wrote about this award: “This award issued by Genius Loci represents the achievement of our ultimate goal: to inform and trigger our future landscape professionals to create climate-responsive and energy-positive urban landscapes. What a better feedback can a teacher receive than the recognition from the students? Thank you to all teachers and, foremost, to all students for your commitment; for your critical, passionate and positive attitude throughout the course!”

Robbin Jan van Duijne for receiving an Embassy Science Fellowship! Robbin Jan will work for the Dutch Ambassy in New Delhi, India, starting mid-July to mid-October 2022. As an Embassy Science Fellow, he will contribute to a scientific and societal issue. Robbin Jan’s proposal is called: “Can Indian farmers weather the storm? Towards a better regional understanding of agrarian distress” The scientific work is aimed at helping Dutch policymakers and diplomats to advise the Indian government on reforms in the agricultural sector. Past reforms have sparked large-scale farmers’ protests across the country, after which the reforms have been scrapped. However, this does not take away the agricultural problem... and the crises in the agricultural sector. Robbin Jan’s proposal fits with the expertise of the working group Agri / Food at 4TU.RE and Robbin Jan plans to use this working group as a sounding board for his work at the Ambassy. 

Zac Taylor for being promoted to assistant professor in the department of management in the build environment at TU Delft and your leading role in the Resilient Delta Initiative, of TU Delft, the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the Erasmus Medical Center. 

Carissa Champlin for being promoted to assistant professor within the Delft Climate Action Program. Carissa wrote on LinkedIn: "Under the flagship assignment of 'Community-Level Design for Climate Action' within the TU Delft Climate Action Programme, I will continue designing tools and methods that engage citizens and their knowledge in envisioning and building climate-resilient cities, with an emphasis on game co-design. I am delighted to be joining the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty as I continue to collaborate with colleagues in the TPM Resilience Lab and across the 4TU. Center for Resilience Engineering."

Well done all of you!