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Florence Metz receives Professor de Winter Award

Saturday, 13 May 2023

We are thrilled to share that one of our DeSIRE members, Florence Metz, an assistant professor of Governance Resilience at University of Twente, has won the Professor de Winter Award for her publication in the American Journal of Political Science.

Her publication, titled "Policy Networks Across Political Systems," aims to provide a better understanding of technological transitions in water quality and micro-pollutant removal from wastewater. Dr. Metz's extensive background in political science and public policy has made her research invaluable in advancing the field of resilience.

About the Professor de Winter Award

The Professor de Winter award, named after the professor who passed away in 2005, is an international publication award top female talent. The award is intended as recognition for excellent scientific research and as a boost for further developing a scientific career.

The award was presented today on University of Twente’s 61st anniversary on 12 May 2023.