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Agri-Food Thematic Lunch Seminar

Monday 4 April 2022 / 16.00 - 17.00

This Seminar has already been held. If you want to (re)watch the seminar, you can download the recording here!

From February 22, 2022 we will start Thematic Lunch Seminars every three weeks. The seminars will be organized by our 4TU RE DeSIRE Thematic Working Groups. Slots & times will be rotating, so everyone (also fellows from other time zones) have at least the possibility to join a few of the seminars. We aim at 12 sessions this year, two dedicated seminars per DeSIRE theme.

The talks will be open for everyone who is interested in Resilience Engineering and will be recorded. Recordings and a summary will be published afterwards via our 4TU RE website. You are warmly invited to join these seminars and share the link amongst interested colleagues!

Assessing the resilience of food systems: from a conceptual framework to agent-based modelling by Hubert Fonteijn

Climate change, rising populations and global inequality will more and more challenge the resilience of food systems around the world. Here, we present two elements to increase our understanding of what contributes to food systems resilience and how policy interventions impact resilience. First, we will present the ABCD framework, targeted at policy makers, that breaks down food systems resilience into 4 contributing mechanisms: Agency, Buffering, Connectivity and Diversity. We will discuss ongoing work that leverages this framework to assist policy evaluations with respect to food systems resilience. Second, we will describe DARTS, an Agent-based model with which we investigate the resilience of artificial food systems during extreme events. We present a series of archetypical food system with different trade configurations (from relying to local production only to a fully integrated international market) and analyze how local and global shocks affect food security of groups within these food systems.

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The seminar will be given via Teams at 16.00 (CET).

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The seminar will be given by the Agri-Food working group

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