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Phd course Transformative Research for Sustainability Challenges

Monday 22 April until 3 May 2024

🌍Transformative Research for Sustainability Challenges 🌍

Are you a PhD candidate eager to make a significant impact with your research? 

"Transformative Research for Sustainability Challenges" is an exclusive PhD course designed to empower doctoral candidates with innovative concepts and methodologies. These tools will not only enhance the potential of your research but also drive positive change in society and the environment.

What to Expect:

📚 Uncover Transformative Research Principles: Delve into the fundamental principles of transformative research through real-life case studies and engagement with experienced scholars.

🌟 Enhance Research Design and Implementation: Develop essential skills to evaluate and improve key aspects of your research, including design, implementation, analysis, and communication.

🌱 Harness Transformative Processes and Methods: Acquire knowledge, confidence, and the ability to apply transformative processes and methods to your current and future research endeavors.

🤝 Expand Your Network: Connect with a growing network of diverse researchers who share your passion for transformative research.


Course Details:

Reduced Costs for 4TU PhD Students: As part of our commitment to supporting our doctoral candidates, 4TU.Resilience Center is offering reduced course fees for 4TU PhD students. This is your chance to participate in this transformative course at a special rate.

Scholarships Available: We are pleased to offer three partial scholarships to support the participation of PhD candidates from institutions based in the Global South. These scholarships will cover accommodation and the course fee. 

Cancellation Policy: We understand that plans can change. Please review our cancellation policy on the event website for detailed information.


Join us in taking a significant step toward creating a more resilient and sustainable world. Don't miss this unique opportunity to amplify the impact of your research. Apply now!


Practical information

Location & Time

Location: University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

Date: April 22 - May 3 2024 

Additional information

Application Deadline: Applications are due before October 27, 2023.