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Concluding workshop for the "Cooking up OER" project

Thursday 20 June 2024 / 15.00 - 17.00

Cooking up Open Open Educational Resources (OER) project concludes on Thursday 20 June 2024

A series of workshops were held to expand our Resilience Engineering Academy's Open Educational Resources (OER) in the past months. Participants in this project have been working on storytelling skills, presentation and scripting for videos. The videos have been completed and a wrap-up of the process and the final videos will be presented on 20 June.

Join this concluding workshop to learn more about preparing and developing your video materials for Open Educational Resources.


TU Delft, Teaching Lab

Room 32A Socrates


15.00 to 17.00 hrs


We organize a final workshop to showcase the Cooking up Open Education Resources for Resilience Engineering project. We share information about what's been done so far (downloads etc.) and basic intention/vision for the project. Of course, we play some of the videos and allow the creators to share their reflections on the process, value, and general opinion on uploading.  

This workshop allows you to engage with others (PhDs, post-docs, educators, etc.) and to discuss the future of the initiative. Enjoy snacks, drinks, and mingling! 

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