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Resilience Engineering

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Thursday, June 6, 11:00-12:30h

Resilient Energy Transition

Dr. Milos Cvetkovic (DUT), dr. Thomas Hoppe (DUT) and Tiago Castelo de Oliveira (TU/e)

The energy transition is transforming the energy landscape, enriching the grids with green power and improving sustainability and affordability of the energy supply. As a consequence, reliance on electricity grids is also increasing, as our infrastructures now depend more on electricity. Electric transportation, electric heating and the electrification trend in the industry are some good examples. As reliance on electricity supply systems increases, so should resilience of the energy system. This session seeks to explore challenges for the resilience of electricity systems and focuses on electricity systems at the regional scale. Next to identifying challenges, we look to learn from best practices from academics and professionals quantifying, measuring, analysing resilience and improving it further. We look at a wide range of resilience challenges and measures, from governance and social acceptance to highly-detailed technical infrastructure.

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