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Resilience Engineering

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Thursday, June 6, 15:30-18:00h

Autonomously Resilient Power Grids & Communications Networks

Louis de Bruin (IBM), Alex Bausch (BECON) and others

Currently, the resilience of power grids and telco networks is managed centrally by the network operators. To reduce society's ever-increasing vulnerability to outages of power and/or communications networks, networks should, in cases of outages, move into a decentralized, autonomous resilience mode of operations. All the technologies to make this possible are available. These are AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things, mesh networks and decentralized power generation and storage. What is needed is an architecture to orchestrate these technologies to enable autonomous resilience and policies to enable deployment. This development is also an approach to marry the old centralized top-down model of energy generation and distribution, with rapidly developing decentralized generation and storage. In due course, when decentralized generation outgrows centralized generation, this model will not just allow society to keep functioning in case of outages, but will also offer a logical alternative to the existing centralized resilience approach, analogous to the way the internet replaced the many networks it initially interconnected.

This workshop fits with the session Resilient Energy Transition.

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