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Resilience Engineering

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Thursday, June 6, 15:30-18:00h

Urban resilience of critical infrastructure

Aernout vd Bend, Margot Weijnen, Wijand Veeneman (NGInfra) and Jim Hall (University of Oxford)

This session will be focusing on economic infrastructure in an urban planning context, examining the resilience of infrastructure vis-à-vis short term and long term change in terms of e.g., population growth, population density, economic structure, mobility patterns, social infrastructure provision and climate change. As we will see, infrastructure planning in the city often happens in a silo’ed fashion, without consideration of implications for other, often interconnected, infrastructure systems. As a result, congestion problems may just be shifted from one infrastructure system to another. In this workshop we will present a collection of case studies to illustrate (1) the importance of social inclusiveness for resilient infrastructure service provision, and (2) the need for a system of systems approach to infrastructure planning in the city. In the process we will discuss the limits of urbanization and the limits to growth of the city. This workshop fits with the session on climate adaptation in urban areas and the keynote lecture by Jim Hall.

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