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Friday, June 7, 09:30-11:00h

From the Ethics of Risk to the Ethics of Resilience Integrating Participatory Approaches

In collaboration with 4TU.Ethics (dr. Michael Nagenborg (UT) and dr. Samantha Copeland (DUT)

In this session, speakers and attendees will reflect together on how to develop an ethics of resilience. The first step is to address the contemporary move away from the ethics of risk and towards ethics of resilience, generally speaking. Our speaker, an expert on risk, will initiate discussion on the relevant differences between ā€˜old-schoolā€™ risk management strategies and resilience (as a less risk-averse approach). After the talk, we invite the audience to discuss how they see the shift from risk to resilience, and what that means for ethics. The second speaker will introduce the participatory approaches gaining popularity in resilience thinking. In turn, and in keeping with themes discussed in respect to the turn from risk to resilience, the audience will discuss how ethics can contribute to ensuring participatory approaches are balanced with considerations of justice, rights, and values. At the end of the session, a panel of experts, including the speakers, will consider the question of whether participatory approaches are a morally obligatory criterion for effective resilience engineering.

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