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Resilience Engineering

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Friday, June 7, 09:30-11:00h

Resilience and Flood Defences

Dr. Jeremy Bricker (DUT) and Prof. dr. Kathelijne Wijnberg (UT)

Both hard (engineered) and soft (nature-based) flood defenses are being implemented in the Netherlands and around the world to reduce urban vulnerability. This session examines applications of these flood defenses in the USA, China, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Topics of discussion are hazards, including storm surge and rainfall; coastal defenses, including levees, nourishments, mangroves and wetlands; hinterland defenses, such as “sponge cities” and deep tunnels; and risk to people, property, and infrastructure. Numerical simulations, field measurement, and laboratory experiments as methods to investigate the resilience of flood defenses, and the links among research, implementation, and planning will be discussed.

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