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Friday, June 7, 13:30-15:00h

Resilience of Agri-Food systems

Dr. George van Voorn (WUR) and Prof. Andy Nelson (UT)

Agri-food systems are continuously exposed to shocks, like climate extremes, disease and pest outbreaks, price fluctuations, and social unrest (e.g., Arab Spring). To match future food security demands (feeding 9 Billion people, social equity) decision makers have to consider the probability and impact of such shocks (risk assessment). The impact of shocks depends on the ability of agri-food systems to cope with them, i.e., the resilience properties of these systems. Resilience is generated by biophysical, economic, and social mechanisms operating on different temporal and spatial scales, which makes the quantification of resilience a nontrivial effort. Furthermore, there will be differences in the resilience of agri-food systems in developed and developing countries. The goal of this session is to discuss the available methodological approaches for quantifying the resilience of agri-food systems, as well as what methodological and data challenges remain.

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