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EURO HOpe 2019: The 4th EURO HOpe mini-conference

Thursday 5-6 September 2019 - Source: Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (University of Agder)

The 4th EURO HOpe mini-Conference of EURO Working Group on Humanitarian Logistics will take place from September 5th-6th 2019 in Kristiansand, Norway. The conference is hosted by the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management ( at the University of Agder.

Humanitarian Operations Research studies decision-making problems related to providing logistical assistance for humanitarian purposes, and in response to humanitarian crises. The primary objective of humanitarian operations is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity. The purpose of this mini-Conference is to provide an inspiring platform that facilitates discussion and interaction among the academics, practitioners and policy-makers. 

Practical information

University of Agder (Kristiansand, Norway)

September 05 - 06, 2019