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DeSIRE Conference 2022 Posters

Here you will find an overview of all posters presented during the DeSIRE Conference 2022. At the bottom of this page you can find downloadable files. 

A board game to engage children with climate-related challenges
Rising Water, Safer Shores

Presented by Funda Atun

Comparative Case Study of two Cities’ Climate Change Adaptation Actions

Presented by Franziska Baack

Regional Energy Transitions as Systemic Integration (RETSI)

Presented by Elena Bakhanova

Predicting decisions and impacts of investing in resilient infrastructure
Who contributes to disaster preparedness?

Presented by Hiba Baroud

Impacts of Climate Change on Pavement Sustainability
Climate-Material-Energy Nexus

Presented by Zhi Cao

A case study of household and community adaptation
Exploring the physical and social dimensions of flooding

Presented by Lauren Grimley

A network of self-sustainable buildings can provide energy and infomation and serve as local gathering and sharing points during supra-regional, long-lasting power outages.
Living lab & Demonstrator eHUB

Presented by Frank Hessel

How can urban data platforms improve the resilience of the urban critical infrastructure, and are they resilient themselves?
Urban Data Platforms and Urban Critical Infrastructure

Presented by Michaela Leštáková

Comparison of approaches
Multi-agent control of fluid systems

Presented by Kevin Logan

Effect of food value-chain connection-type on land-use change

Presented by Pim Post

Resilience-Optimal Design of Urban Water Distribution

Presented by Imke Rehm

The influence of conflict-driven decentralization on the resilience of urban water infrastructure in the Middle East

Presented by Juliane Schillinger

Integrated Management of Flood and Drought

Presented by Srividya Hariharan Sudha

A systematic review of the impact of food security governance measures as simulated in modelling studies

Presented by Aleid Sunniva Teeuwen

How are Social Tipping Points, Policy Development, and Climate Change Adaptation related?
Exploring interactions and feedback through agent-based modelling

Presented by Thorid Wagenblast

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